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Focus on environment

Focus on the environment

The Li Group, consisting of Taiwanese residents, founded Japan Tosen Co., Ltd. in Longkou City, Shandong Province in 1992 with 100% foreign investment.
The Chinese ginger product manufacturer made a start, commencing business with the processing of raw materials of salt-cured ginger and other agricultural products. Today, the company is the father of the development and naming of White Gari.
We focus on China’s first integrated control that ranges from our unique soil and compost preparation in our agricultural operations to cultivation and quality improvement, that is, the process from production to the completion of the product. We currently distribute our products to 30 countries and regions.
Let us tell you about our focus on the environment.
Water and soil Water and soil are the key aspects of crop production.
We undertake annual checks of water quality and soil to make sure the water we use is safe and the soil is free of contamination.
Traceability has been fully implemented since 1999.
Compost We allocate our homemade organic full-ripe fertilizers to the fields at Dongbao with an area of 1,180,000 tsubo or about 963.9 acres.
Pesticides We only use the necessary amount of pesticide on both directly managed and contracted farms.
With the amendment of the Food Sanitation Act in 2003, we reviewed the standards for remaining pesticides and others. We also run the Positive List System for Agricultural Chemical Residues in Foods that prohibits the distribution of food containing more than a certain amount of pesticides and others for which there are no standards.