Greeting from the company representative|Japan Tosen Co., Ltd.,

Greeting from the company representative

 Greeting from the company representative

I came to Japan as an overseas Chinese from Taiwan, ROC in 1971 to study food processing at the Faculty of Agriculture, Kinki University.
Without the friend I met there, I would not have established this company.

I joined one of the largest pickled ginger manufacturers in Kansai that was managed by my friend’s father. Impressed by his management spirit and facilities, I founded Japan Tosen in 1992.

Two years later, in 1994, I established LONGKOU DONGBAO FOODSTUFF CO.,LTD in Shandong, where my grandfather was from.
Now, we distribute many different products including pickled ginger to 30 countries and regions.

Consideration for security and safety is extremely important when you are handling food.
We place emphasis on integration, including fertilizer preparation and the arrangement of an environment that includes water, soil, compost and pesticides.

Security and safety
These aspects may sound simple, but they are actually the most important.

We value human bonding, focus on manufacturing that can contribute to the health maintenance and improvement of all people in consideration of security and safety, and continue to learn and endeavor.

We would appreciate your continued support of Japan Tosen of the Li's group